Lamb Stockinette

LAMB PIC 20.5.16

Our Lamb Stockinette is ideal for wrapping lamb carcasses. It is manufactured and processed in our own UK factory using high quality yarn.

All products are available in Polyester or Cotton and can be striped for identification purposes.

Our Lamb Stockinette’s are sold as follows:

  • Rolls:
    • Various standard size rolls.
    • 800 gram, 5 Kilo, 10 kilo.
  • Cut Pieces:
    • Various pre-cut lengths available.
    • Cut ‘in-house’ to save you time.
  • Sewn Bags:
    • Pre-cut pieces overlocked at one end to make a bag.
    • Various standard lengths available.

All materials have been tested and are certified to prove they are suitable for use with meat.